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What We Do

Sun Daisy Enterprises focuses on planning practices that intersect with rural communitiesenergy, and technology.

Your Planning Partner

Sun Daisy Enterprises is a consulting firm that focuses on land use planning, permitting analysis, zoning reform, project management, and educational outreach. We are particularly passionate about collaborating with rural communities and small towns and helping them acquire the tools they need to build projects,  policies, and programs that lead to a cleaner, more equitable future. Contracting with Sun Daisy Enterprises enables our clients to partner with the best people to educate, identify challenges, vet alternatives, and implement place-based, relevant solutions.

Government Agencies

We provide services to government agencies in need of development code analysis, updates, or complete rewrites. We collaborate with staff to identify, inventory, and propose updates that reflect the community's unique character while incorporating modern best-practice zoning principles.


  • Zoning Research
  • Land Use Analysis
  • Code Updates
  • Process Analysis
  • Community Outreach
  • Special Projects
Small Business

We are here to help small businesses and individuals with their land use and development questions.  Although we are not an engineering firm, we can provide guidance and preplanning advice regarding pre-construction permitting, timelines, and processes. We will even work with your engineer to get quality permits submitted and approved on time.


  • Pre-Application Consultation
  • Land Use Analysis
  • Preparing and Filing Applications
  • Representation at Government Meetings. 
Energy and Technology

The demand for telecommunications and renewable energy infrastructure is rapidly increasing throughout the United States. However, the placement of wireless towers, small cells, wind turbines, solar farms, and battery storage facilities often sparks controversy. Our company firmly believes in fostering strong connections between local jurisdictions, residents, and the telecommunications and renewable energy industries. Our approach is built on honesty, integrity, and transparency. We provide comprehensive assistance in process development, community outreach, permitting, and other entitlement needs.


  • Site Acquisition
  • Site Selection research and reporting
  • Entitlement Project Management
  • Preparing and Filing Applications
  • Representation at Government Meetings.


Zoning code revisions, updates, and policy advisement.


Application review and submittal, non-legal 
representation at public meetings.

Plan Development 

Using a systems thinking approach to build 
plans and programs.

Stakeholder Engagement 

Partnerships, outreach, mapping, education.

Project Management

People, budgets, timelines, on-time 

On-Call Consulting

Energy, Telecommunications, Carbon



Recent Projects


Yuma County, Colorado 

• We provide expert technical planning assistance to Yuma County, Colorado, specifically for the review of utility-scale solar and battery storage projects.

• In addition, we offer a range of planning services, including application support, thorough review, policy advisement, development of detailed staff reports, and representation at public hearings.



City of Lincoln, Nebraska 

• Attending public hearings and other community events to represent the City of Lincoln, Nebraska.

• Thoroughly examining permits, zoning changes, subdivisions, special permits, floodplain permits, and LOMAR applications.

• Undertaking special projects such as revising zoning codes and establishing a citizen's planning academy.

• Collaborating with cross-departmental teams to develop and implement community design standards, the Comprehensive Plan, and the Capital Improvements Program.


Project areas in NE, SD, CO, KS, IA, IL, OH, IN

  • Subcontractor for multiple Private Sector Clients.

  • Deployment of telecommunications equipment for Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, and US Cellular.

  • Drive process to connect, research, submit, and obtain entitlements.

  •  Representation at public hearings.


Village of Murray, Nebraska

  • Creating guidelines for the implementation of large-scale solar energy projects.

  • Providing assistance and presence in public hearings.

  • Offering valuable insights and recommendations on policy matters.

  • Thoroughly examining and evaluating permits for renewable energy initiatives.

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